Ring is the most popular jewelry.

When someone get married,he or she must have one on the fourth finger.And if you’re available,you can also have rings on the other fingers.But,do you know which finger you should put the rings on?

Right hand or left hand

It’s no doubt that we can wear rings on both hands.There never had a rule which say that you should wear the rings on the right hand,or on the left.

However,people believe that God will give you luck if you put your rings on the left hand.Also,most of the us are right-handedness.It will keep the rings away from scraping if you put it on your left hand.

Ring Meanings by Finger

We all know that the forth finger is for marriage.But how about others?

1)The Thumb

According to records of ancient Rome,wearing a ring on your left thumb can make your dreams come ture.

2)The index/poniter finger

The index/pointer finger is always used to indicate directions.It’s said that wear a ring on the index finger,you will become a more outgoing person.It’s a good choice for freelances.

3)The middle finger

The middle finger is the longest finger.People always put an engagement ring on it.

Ring on the middle finger will inspire you,it’s said that it will make you feel more free and more cheerful.

4)The fourth finger

People put their wedding rings on the fourth finger since ancient Rome.It’s said that this finger was connected to the heart.Further more,there are important acupuncture points in the fourth finger which will make you feel peaceful while you put your ring on it.

5)The Little/Pinky Finger

Wearing a ring on the pinky finger will make you look more charming and sexy.It’s also very suitable for fashion people, doctors,writers,reporters and freelances.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone solid rings

Gemstone solid rings